West Pointe aims to deliver the highest quality and customer service in the commercial roofing and building envelope services industry. We do so by always focusing on these three pillars of our business: Time, Quality, and Value Delivery

west pointe group timeTime

We deliver to each of our clients a schedule commencing the project, ensuring all stakeholders are present at this meeting including: the owner’s rep, safety leader, sub trades, owner consultants, and our foreman for the project, project manager and company production manager.

Reviewing all facets of the project, we discuss all mobilization lay down areas, any minor disruptions that may occur for the clients’ tenants, and carry out a full depth site specific safety review to understand  and layout a plan to mitigate potential hazards to the client, public and our own work force. Everyone is informed from the get-go and we ensure all contact information is exchanged during this meeting.

Our in depth discussion of the schedule includes timeline expectations from commencement through to completion, warranty requirements and where the muster point will be.

We focus on completing the project by or before the scheduled project deadline and keep our clients’ informed with regards to any weather delays, ensuring these are documented and provided.

west pointe group qualityQuality

West Pointe ensures that our own forces and any sub trades deliver the highest quality workmanship and materials committed to within the time frame laid out in the project schedule. We ensure that the client’s consultant/point of contact is informed on all changes required to drive the quality and schedule of the project forward.

west pointe group delivery valueDelivered Value

Business value = Cost Reduction, Business Growth, Maintaining Operations, Speed and Efficiency, Superior Customer Service

I.e. Best utilizing company time, money and resources in achieving objectives.

This is West Pointe’s key differentiator for delivering success.